Complete Access to Your Money

complete access to your money

It is always your money; we simply manage it for you.

  • Some firms charge a hefty initial consultation fee or commission to get some of your money up front. We don’t do that.
  • Some firms charge a fee to close your account. We won’t do that either.
  • If you’ve invested in an annuity, you could be charged a surrender penalty if you need to withdraw all your money early. We don’t sell annuities (or any products that are sold for commissions, for that matter.)

We understand that life situations might make you need to change your long-term investment plans. Your money is not locked in. We can’t change the IRS rules regarding early withdrawals from retirement plans, but we won’t put extra fees on top of that. If you later decide you want to move your account or withdraw your money, we will help you do that.

We provide online access to your account so you can see exactly where your money is. You can view your account statements online and see account activity so you will stay fully informed.

If you have any questions about your account, call us. We will be glad to talk to you about it.

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