Management Fees

Pier is a fee-only advisory firm. We charge 0.75% of the invested capital on an annual basis.

We provide expert management based on extensive research, and a fully-accessible account that is specifically tailored to your personal investment goals.

Most investment companies make it hard to find out how much their services really cost, and you probably won’t know when they receive sales commissions or kickbacks from recommending and selling certain financial products. Pier is independent. Since we don’t make money from sales commissions, we can give honest advice to our clients with no hidden bias or incentives.

By using this straightforward approach to fees with no hidden costs, we avoid fees such as sales commissions that would create a conflict of interest. Our goals are aligned with yours, and our decisions will maximize your investment return.

  • No initial setup fee
  • No sales commission
  • No transfer fees
  • No markups on trading costs
  • No distribution fees
  • No fees for assets held in cash or cash equivalents

Administrative Fees

The brokerage fee is $6 per year. Trades cost $15.95 (up to 1600 shares.) Pier does not profit from administrative charges.