Investment Income Advantages

At Pier we have one main goal: to produce income for our clients. Click on the following links to read how our strategy of investing for income through dividends works to your advantage.

1. Dividend Income for Retirement

dividend income 6 percent annual yield

Pier accounts have a target of 6% annual yield from dividend income.

2. Complete Access to Your Money

complete access to your money

We offer online access and flexibility for your account.

3. Income Stability in an Uncertain Market

stable income in rising and falling markets
Investments that pay dividends are more likely to be resilient in a down market and maintain their strength in a rising market.

4. Protect Against Inflation

inflation protection for the rising cost of living
Protect your purchasing power so you’ll be ready for retirement.

5. Tax Advantages for Qualified Dividends

tax advantages for qualified dividends
Tax advantages can enhance your rate of return.

Not sure where to start? You can start here: Dividend Income or skip to Invest with Pier.