Custom Investment Portfolios

We research companies to find the investments that will best suit a client’s risk tolerance and income objectives. Our clients get custom portfolios designed for reliable income and low volatility.

What We Look For in Companies

  • Companies represent all major market sectors except the financial sector.
  • The group of companies have increased dividends by at least the average Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the last twenty years.
  • Companies must trade on major US and Canadian exchanges and have a ten-year history of positive earnings.
  • For future growth, companies must re-invest at least 40% of earnings back into the company to be considered a dividend growth company and at least 10% of earnings back into the company to be considered a sustainable dividend company.
  • Companies have significant worldwide sales, strong branding, and consistent product demand.
  • Companies are trading at an advantageous price with solid fundamentals.

High Dividend Model

Pier High Yield Dividend Model pie chart

6% Yield

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Stable Value Dividend Model

Pier Stable Value Dividend Model pie chart

4.25% Yield

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The basis of a Pier client portfolio is the belief that your money should be working for you. The most dependable way to accomplish this during uncertain market conditions is true passive income from dividends. History shows that companies which pay a rising dividend also go up in shareholder price.

We have two model portfolios. One is a high-yielding model with an emphasis on current income with slower income growth.  The second is a stable-value model designed to start with a lower income but grow future income at a faster pace.

View the details of our model portfolios above, or continue reading to find out how to invest with us.

How To Invest With Pier