Expert Management for Your Investments

  • Consolidate your 401(k) plans.
  • Open and manage Traditional, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA plans and Coverdell accounts.
  • Invest cash savings.
  • Build income from retirement accounts.
  • Direct trust estates.

We manage investment portfolios with an objective of producing income and steady growth. Pier LLC is a fee-only investment advisory firm, which means that we don’t work for sales commissions, we work for our clients’ best interests.

Our Investment Strategy

  1. Equities:  Our clients own direct stock in companies that have proven to respect shareholders. Pier does not invest in mutual funds, annuities or any insurance products, nor do we involve clients in hedge funds or leverage.
  2. Produce Passive Income:  We have targeted 6% as a sustainable yield that can be tailored to your individual needs and goals. This means a hypothetical investment of $100,000 can produce $500 in average monthly income.
  3. Grow with Inflation: We believe that this yield should continue to grow to offset inflation and protect your purchasing power. Our high-yield model has an average income growth rate of 3.6% each year, and our stable-value model has an average annual income growth rate of 6.1% per year.
  4. Access:  The money we manage for you will never leave your control. You can have any or ALL of it at any time, without asking or filing or waiting. We do not ask for binding agreements or long time frames. It is always your money; we simply manage it for you.
  5. Set Goals:  We set goals for growing dependable income which can easily be benchmarked to see the progress and results.

How To Invest With Pier